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Climate Performance

From the supply chain to our company headquarters, we also see it as our responsibility to do our part against climate change and for a more sustainable world. That is why ARTEBENE has made it its mission to support climate protection projects and to reduce its own CO2 emissions. The result is a climate-neutral company.


Because the environment is close to our hearts: Since 2019 we have been determining ARTEBENE's CO2 emissions on an annual basis and now operate as a climate neutral business. Together with ClimatePartner we work on solutions and actions to avoid and reduces these CO2 emissions and convert them to individual projects. We take responsibility for the unavoidable emissions, such as shipments, service provided by our sales professionals as well as our waste disposal and compensate them by contributing to a climate protection project.
What is the carbon footprint?

Every person leaves a carbon footprint, including us at ARTEBENE. It indicates how many CO2 emissions we cause in a certain period of time and how sustainably we live our lives. In case of ARTEBENE, emission sources such as its vehicle fleet, heat production, energy, water, inbound and outbound logistics, employees' travel distances to work, flights, upstream stages of energy and water production, office paper, waste disposal as well as train travels have been determined and evaluated.

What is a climate protection project?

Climate protection projects pursue additional actions to protect the climate and, thus, contribute measurably to a reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere. They fight global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions provably. In addition, they advance sustainable development in project countries and support further targets such as fighting poverty and hunger, improving the quality of drinking-water, expanding local infrastructure, distributing clean and affordable energy and many others.

Our climate protection project

Wind energy in the Northeast of Brazil: To compensate our unavoidable emissions, we have decided to support the wind energy project in the north-east of Brazil. The project generates clean electricity from wind power, thus protecting the climate. The 14 wind turbines in the states of Piauí and Pernambuco save 650,000 tonnes of CO2 annually, helping to improve environmental sustainability. In addition to saving greenhouse emissions, the project also has socio-economic benefits, strengthening the local community through collective building.

The climate protection project Wind Energy in Northeast Brazil makes an important contribution to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals, to which we are committed:
Our climate protection project for our website

Hydropower in Virunga National Park, D.R. Congo: To offset our unavoidable emissions, we have decided to support the hydropower project in Virunga National Park, D.R. Congo. The project generates clean electricity from hydropower, thus protecting the climate. The Matebe run-of-river power plant saves 46,000 tonnes of CO2 annually through the flow of the Rutshuru River, helping to improve environmental sustainability. Through the electricity generated, about 4 million inhabitants get access to electricity, street lighting provides more security and new jobs are created. In addition, the forests of the national park are protected and the project contributes to more stability and peace in the region.

The climate protection project Hydropower in Virunga National Park, D.R. Congo makes an important contribution to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals to which we are committed:


As part of the organisation Leaders for Climate Action, we fight against climate change and for a sustainable world together with many other well-known brands.

Leaders for Climate Action is an association of more than 300 of the leading digital entrepreneurs in Germany and increasingly in Europe. As a supporter of the initiative, ARTEBENE has committed itself to the "Green Pledge" and is thus actively committed to climate protection, both entrepreneurially and personally.

Time for climate action

We answered this call as part of Leaders for Climate Action during Earth Day. Together with 200 other companies, we drew attention to climate protection and showed what companies and every individual can do to protect the climate. Together, we reached more than 24 million people during the campaign and raised awareness of the issue. You too can become active and make a small contribution to climate protection with just a few clicks. Become active now.


CO2 Neutral Shipping with DPD

By cooperating with the parcel service provider DPD, ARTEBENE sets another example in terms of environmental awareness: a CO2 neutral shipment of all parcels.
At DPD, CO2 emissions are reduced to a minimum through targeted measures and unnecessary consumption is avoided. Since July 2012 DPD has also been the first parcel service provider to ship worldwide in a CO2-neutral manner - without any extra costs for the customer. The exact footprint of each parcel is calculated and offset. In addition, the continuous testing of alternative drive systems means that completely emission-free delivery is already possible in cities such as Hamburg. By 2025 DPD wants to rely exclusively on low-emission vehicles in 23 major German cities in order to reduce CO2 emissions there by 89%.
Last update: Dec 8, 2022 at 2:38 AM