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Versatile notebooks
Notebooks are real everyday heroes. Whether they are used to store ideas, as work tools, as daily companions or as bullet journal books - they keep everything together and give structure to everyday life. In our online shop, you can buy notebooks for a wide variety of uses. Our notebook in DIN A6 is particularly handy. It fits perfectly into any handbag and keeps a record of spontaneous thoughts and ideas, whether on the train, in the waiting room or at the hairdresser. For larger pages with more space for bullet journaling or use as a diary, we recommend the notebook in DIN A5. But our notebooks not only differ in format, also in design and functionality. From the classic notebook with thread or spiral binding to the MAJOIE Premium collection and the Slime Line notebooks with pen holder and closure band - our product range is as diverse as its users.

Environmentally friendly notebooks
The notebooks from the ARTEBENE ORGANICS family rely on natural kraft paper from sustainable forestry, which can be recycled in the best way possible and is therefore particularly resource-friendly. In addition, a plastic cover is deliberately missing: This means that the notebook is not only a pleasure to use, but also environmentally friendly, as packaging waste is reduced. The notebooks made of cork are just as natural. In addition to a wide variety of uses, for example as a bottle cap or for yoga pads, the material now also adorns the cover of our notebooks. Cork is renewable and can be harvested several times, making the raw material more environmentally friendly than conventional materials.

Notebooks for sketches
Sketching ideas, trying out new drawing techniques or simply doodling around - everything is allowed in our notebooks. The smart all-rounders in DIN A5, DIN A6 or handy DIN A7 formats can be used at school, in the office or at home. The cover of the notebooks is extremely sturdy so that all notes are kept safe. Simply write down your thoughts and have always everything important at hand.

Last update: Nov 29, 2022 at 2:38 AM