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What we're proud of



ARTEBENE is fit for the future

In July 2019, the DUB Unternehmer-Akademie (DUB Academy of Entrepreneurs), Germany’s digital think tank, gave ARTEBENE the highest marks as an employer for the future. The DUB Unternehmer-Akademie is a joint venture between the German business newspapers “Handelsblatt” and “Wirtschaftswoche” which are published by former German Minister of Economics and Technology, Mrs Brigitte Zypries.

In line with the motto „The future is digital!“, ARTEBENE was subjected to and rated in an extensive practical test in business areas such as digitalisation, technology, culture and change as well as the competitive driver service and customer orientation. The test was carried out by the DUB Unternehmer-Akademie (DUB Academy of Entrepreneurs). With a following service check, also the website as well as service quality aspects were included in the analysis. Result of the Smart Company Check: ARTEBENE is a company with excellent future perspectives!

Beate and Rüdiger Kress are thrilled to have achieved the top marks as an employer for the future by the DUB Unternehmer-Akademie and look to ARTEBENE’s future full of motivation and confidence.

ARTEBENE takes on godparenthood within plan international

Welcome, little Sreycat!
To us as a family-run business, taking on social responsibility is important, and we align our daily activities to the UN Global Compact's principles. Moreover, we have entered into a specific commitment within the children's aid organization Plan International last year, which is also supported by the United Nations Refugee Agency.

Today we are proud godparents of little Sreykat in Cambodia and support her, her family and her community. Especially education for girls in developing countries is one of the most effective solutions in the battle against hunger and exploitation, which is why we have decided to take on this godparenthood.

D2C_DaraufsindwirStolz_ARTEBENE_PlanInternational_Patenschaft_SreykatmitMutterSreykat turned 5 in May and lives with her parents who are small farmers in the mountain region of Ratanakiri. Ratanakiri is a province in the remote northeast of Cambodia which is known for its lush forests and precious stones, but it unfortunately also belongs to Cambodia's poorest regions. Its 184,000 inhabitants live in villages where infrastructure in the areas health, education and street conditions is very poor. Most people earn their money from seasonal agriculture, growing rice, manioc, cashew nuts and caoutchouk. Only just over a half of the population can read and write. Among others, this has to do with the fact that the next school is more than 30 km away.
Malnutrition among children and mothers is one of the biggest problems that prevent children from a healthy start to their lives. Insufficient access to drinking-water and the lack of hygiene and sanitation facilities expose families to severe health risks.
Sreykat's family gets most of its water from a river, a stream or a lake. It takes them about 30 minutes to get to the next water point. The family does not have toilet facilities. Their home is a small wooden house with a corrugated roof.
Plan International has been active in the Ratanakiri region since 2011 and has already been able to achieve numerous improvements of families' living conditions. Among others, 37 preschool classes have been equipped with teaching materials, four new primary schools, a secondary school and 35 wells have been built. More initiatives will be put into place over the coming five years in order to react to the region's key issues. This includes nursing and support of toddlers, nutrition, education, child protection as well as water and hygiene.

We are glad to be part of this fantastic initiative and look forward to following Sreykat's development through photos and letters from Cambodia. Every member of the ARTEBENE family has embosomed Sreykat already.


 Map of the Ratanakiri Province


Responsibility & Sustainability




Sustainability is at the centre of our actions and determines the entire value chain.

Our understanding of sustainability extends over responsible use of natural resources, worldwide activities based on clear social standards as well as reliably safe products. We maintain long-standing and partnership-based cooperations with our suppliers and visit them personally on a regular basis.  This ensures that we know exactly how our products are made and who makes them.  All our products are developed with much love, so it is only logical that we very carefully check their quality once they have arrived at our warehouse so we can continue to supply you with the most beautiful products of superior quality.

For pursuing this vision of sustainable trading, we joined the UN Global Compact in 2017, which is the largest and most important initiative for corporate social responsibility worldwide. Core of the UN Global Compact initiative are 10 principles covering the areas human rights, labour standards, environment and prevention of corruption. Following these principals is a matter of the heart to us.



Sustainability for man and nature

Our Organics napkinds are new to our product assortment and good for the environment. They are made of 100% recycled paper and produced in Germany. Modern technology keeps the strain on the environment during production to a minimum. The fact that no bleaching agents are used makes them especially environmentally-friendly and kind to the skin. This is why we have been awarded with the eco-label "Blauer Engel" ("Blue Angel") by the "RAL Deutsches Insitute für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e.V." (RAL institute for quality assurance and labelling). This label determines strict criteria for the safety and harmlessness of hygiene products, which are met by our napkins. But this does not mean that one has to forego great designs. Their pretty prints make them real eye-catchers on any table. That doubles the joy.

D2C_Servietten_Organics_Logo       D2C_UeberUns_Daraufsindwirstolz_blauerEngel_Logo_en

ARTEBENE environment initiative

Together with the Marine Lab Center, we planted a dedicated ARTEBENE coral garden at the Maldives as a special ARTEBENE environmental initiative. Planting corals contributes significantly to the preservation and restoration of sea corals. Intact coral reefs provide shelter to animals, because they are habitat to fishes and millions of other creatures. Moreover, corals protect coasts by reducing the effects of severe sea storms.

To plant coral gardens, small mud balls are formed as a first step. Each mud ball is carefully laid down by hand and, as a second step, planted with a broken coral. Beate and Rüdiger Kress planted more than 100 new corals for ARTEBENE this way and laid the foundation for a new coral garden. This coral block has been entered in the sea chart under the name of ARTEBENE. Now we have to be patient and to wait for what will develop here in the coming years. Many thanks to the whole Marine Lab Center team, we really learned a lot!


D2C_UeberUns_DaraufSindWirStolz_Korallengarten_Schlammkugeln_formen D2C_UeberUns_DaraufSindWirStolz_Korallengarten_Schlammkugeln_setzen D2C_UeberUns_DaraufSindWirStolz_Korallengarten_Team

D2C_UeberUns_DaraufSindWirStolz_Korallengarten_Schildkroete D2C_UeberUns_DaraufSindWirStolz_Korallengarten_Fische






Knowing what moves our staff is essential to us, and we consider ourselves a team. We want to create an environment in which we enjoy working and developing new things.

It is of high importance to us to be able to bring ourselves, our ideas and strengths in and to do what we can do best. What we are passionate about.

That is why we are proud of having been awarded with the quality seal "Top Job - Top Employer 2017" as one of the top employers among Germany's medium-sized companies. This was based on scientifically sound interviews conducted with all our employees. Led by the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management at the University of St. Gallen, German medium-sized businesses' best employers were selected.


ARTEBENE wins German Brand award 2017


During a festive gala event at the German Historical Museum in Berlin on 29 June 2017, the winners of the German Brand Award were honoured.
With this award, the Design Council acknowledges successful brands, consequent brand management and sustainable brand communication.
One of the winners was ARTEBENE. The company was honoured with the German Brand Award in Gold in the category "Industry Excellence in Branding" especially for its integral brand management, which goes beyond the design of an individual product.

Please follow this link for a detailed jury statement.


ARTEBENE German Brand Award





At ARTEBENE, there is no such thing as a standstill. We keep developing ourselves. That is what we have already been honoured for as a top innovator among German medium-sized companies. We design 70% of our products new twice a year which, among others, distinguishes our innovative strength.


ARTEBENE Top Job ARTEBENE European Business Awards ARTEBENE Top 100 Innovator


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