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Wrapping papers

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Wrapping paper: the classic among packaging
Many years ago, the tradition of wrapping small and large gifts in beautiful wrapping paper for that special surprise effect was established. Whether for a birthday, Mother's Day, wedding, christening or as a small gift for in between, wrapping paper is the classic among packaging! With a little dexterity, every gift becomes a real masterpiece and is guaranteed to bring a moment of happiness to your favourite people.

Versatile wrapping paper for special moments
Wrapped in high-quality wrapping paper, every gift is skilfully presented and expresses appreciation. In our online shop you can buy a wide variety of wrapping paper for different celebrations and occasions. You can choose between different colours and motifs as well as high-quality wrapping paper sheets and practical wrapping paper sets consisting of four to five rolls. Our wrapping paper with flowers and the birthday wrapping paper with Happy Birthday lettering are particularly popular. But black wrapping paper is also becoming increasingly popular for wrapping presents for men. So there is something for everyone! Whether wrapping paper in black, white, pink, yellow or gold, at ARTEBENE you will find creative designs, colours and prints on high-quality paper.

Wrapping gifts beautifully and individually
Giving gifts is one of the most beautiful ways to say thank you and to make a loved one happy. In many places, it's not only the content that counts, but also the creative packaging. Whether with a gift wrap roll, high-quality gift wrap sheets, gift bags or pretty boxes - there are many different ways to beautifully present a gift. In contrast to gift bags, the recipient cannot immediately guess what is underneath a gift wrapped in wrapping paper. So the elaborate wrapping of presents in gift wrap has become an art form in its own right, which increases curiosity and anticipation about the contents, especially among children. And because the little ones are especially close to our hearts, you will also find special wrapping paper for children in our online shop.

Natural wrapping paper for environmentally friendly masterpieces
With the wrapping paper from the ARTEBENE ORGANICS family, you can present your gift in an environmentally friendly way and guarantee a moment of happiness for your favourite person! The kraft paper consists almost exclusively of cellulose and is therefore recyclable. Give your gift a sustainably beautiful look with which you can express your appreciation - for the recipient and for nature.


Last update: Nov 29, 2022 at 2:38 AM